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Judge won't suspend Demjanjuk plea over FBI file

A German court on Thursday rejected a defense request to suspend John Demjanjuk's trial over a declassified FBI report that cast doubt on the authenticity of a key piece of evidence.Full story

'Ravages of time' leave Auschwitz decaying

The red brick barracks that housed starving inmates are sinking into ruin. Time has warped victims' leather shoes into strange shapes. Hair sheared to make cloth is slowly turning to dust. Full story

Rabbis protest Glenn Beck

  Rabbi Will Berkovitz explains why 400 rabbis have signed a letter calling on Rupert Murdoch to sanction Glenn Beck for his repeated use of Nazi and Holocaust references. They are also targeting Fox News president Roger Ailes.

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Fire destroys shoes of Nazi victims


  Holocaust denier to give tours of death camps

David Irving will begin leading American and British tours of the Nazi death camps at Auschwitz and one of Warsaw Ghetto over the next two weeks.

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Defendant John Demjanjuk (R, in the wheelchair) arrives for another session of his trial on April 13, 2011 in Munich, southern Germany, as joint plaintiffs Jules Schelvis and Robert Cohen look on. John Demjanjuk is accused in Germany of helping to murder 27,900 Jews and others during his alleged t