January 5, 2010

The msnbc Digital Network today announced its acquisition of the URL www.breakingnews.com.  Breakingnews.com aims to be the fastest, most accurate site for live breaking news from around the globe.   The site currently features up-to-the-second headlines from multiple news sources and will continually advance to meet hard news consumers’ expectations.

In December, the msnbc Digital Network assumed responsibility for @breakingnews, delivering the fastest, most comprehensive feed of breaking news on Twitter.  With nearly 1.6 million followers of @breakingnews on Twitter and the addition of the www.breakingnews.com offering, the msnbc Digital Network is squarely targeting true breaking news loyalists with a multi-platform, integrated effort that will evolve in the coming months.

“We know that people want news in different ways in varying circumstances,” said Charlie Tillinghast, president of the msnbc Digital Network.  “Not everyone wants news surrounded by commentary or features.  Our goal as a news organization is to provide the most relevant experiences to satisfy distinct needs.  Hard and fast breaking news is currently an underserved market.  With www.breakingnews.com we can now provide the optimal solution.”


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