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  Remembering Bobby Kennedy, 45 years later

LBJ’s ‘unconditional war on poverty’

  Melissa Harris-Perry’s “From the Vault” takes a look at archives from American history on how society addressed the social safety net.

Washington power struggle sets stage for future fiscal fight

  Economist Jared Bernstein and Democratic strategist Bob Shrum discuss how Republicans have used deficit reduction as a cover to shred the social safety net.

Time to play offense for the social safety net

Liberals shouldn't just fight to prevent cuts to the welfare state; they should be trying to grow it. Full story

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  Pushing Farm Bill may mean cutting food stamps

The New York Times' John Harwood joins Alex Wagner and the NOW panel to discuss what the Farm Bill means for budget talks and the social safety net, and the recent push by members of both parties to include the expired bill in fiscal cliff discussions.

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