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Deadly Storms: What's Driving the Surge?

With this month's tornado tally already up to about 600, April 2011 has hit the record books as the busiest calendar month for twisters since the beginning of modern record keeping in 1950, even though May and June are usually the most active months for tornadoes. Full story

Climate Change Understanding Falls Along Political Lines

While public opinion on climate change might be polarized, it's a stark contrast to the scientific community's unified stance regarding the warming of our planet. The latest research finds public understanding of the issue falls along political party lines, with Republicans most often saying Earth's Full story

EPA, eco groups at odds in climate change case

The Obama administration and environmental interests have found themselves on opposite sides of a key Supreme Court case over who can force power plants to cut their emissions. Full story

Chilling: Cold Snaps Will Persist in Warming World

Although the planet is warming overall, events of extreme cold are still likely to persist on each continent for the next century, researchers say. Full story

Today's Weather Affects Attitudes on Global Warming

Whether people accept manmade global warming as real may depend on the weather outside that particular day, a new study finds. Full story

Senate delays vote on EPA climate regulation

Voting has been temporarily postponed in the Senate on proposals to stop, delay or pare back the Environmental Protection Agency's regulation of greenhouse gases linked to climate change problems. Full story

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Joshua Trees Nearly Wiped Out by 2100?

Arctic May Face Record Loss of Ozone This Spring

Volcanic Lakes Spew Large Amounts of Carbon Dioxide

Scientists to Gather in D.C. for a Sample of Climate Data

Studies: Extreme weather, warming link strong

War on coal? EPA plan under fire in House

Year 3000 not pretty picture in climate model

Bering Sea yields clues to our warming future

Polar bears no longer on thin ice?

Study: Future Hurricane Formation Will Need Warmer Water


  Incoming GOP energy chair checks principles at the door

The Washignton Post's Ezra Klein explain the political pressures that would cause Republican Congressman Fred Upton would flip flop on his position on global warming and write a global warming denying Op-Ed with an energy company lobbyist.

  Seeing weather through the lens of climate change

Conservation biologist Reese Halter, the author of "Wild Weather: The Truth About Global Warming" discusses the relationship between extreme weather events and global warming.

  Glenn Beck freaks out about global warming

Psycho talk: Glenn Beck uses the Metrodome's roof collapse to mock the idea of global warming. Ed's debunks his crazy position.

  Lawmaker labels CDC campaign ‘socialism’

Rep. Paul Brown, R-Ga., says the move by the CDC to get Americans to eat healthy is “socialism of the highest order.” Hardball’s Chris Matthews reports.

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NBC weather forecaster Al Roker gives a weather report from the White House Wednesday Oct. 1, 1997, prior to a meeting between President Clinton and weather forecasters from across the nation to discuss global warming. The White House, trying to build support for strict greenhouse emission restricti