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Shuttle cost: More than bailouts, less than war

At $196 billion, the amount of money taxpayers spent during the lifetime of the space shuttle program seems astronomical. Full story

Space Shuttle's 1st Pilot: Q&A With Former NASA Astronaut Bob Crippen

When John Young and Bob Crippen launched on the space shuttle Columbia on April 12, 1981, it was the dawn of a new era. NASA's shuttle program would go on to achieve great things, and suffer two terrible losses, over the course of its 30-year history. Full story

Houston Deserves a Space Shuttle for Display, Astronaut Spouses Say

The spouses of two astronauts who died in the space shuttle Columbia accident have joined Houston’s vociferous campaign to win a space shuttle for display once NASA retires the orbiter fleet this year. Full story

Smithsonian considers display of shuttle debris

The Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum may incorporate debris from space shuttles Columbia and Challenger in its new gallery dedicated to the soon-ending shuttle program. The Washington, D.C., display will only go forward however, if the families of the shuttles' fallen astronau Full story

NASA Delays Shuttle Discovery's Final Launch to February Over Fuel Tank Cracks

This story was updated at 2:18 p.m. EST. NASA has postponed the launch of space shuttle Discovery's final mission to no sooner than early February the latest in a long string of delays that have kept the spacecraft grounded for over than a month. Full story

'Franken-Ship' proposed from space shuttle scraps

Ditch the space shuttle orbiters. Stretch their rocket boosters. Add more main engines. Put a capsule on top. What do you have? Franken-ship —  the quickest route to a new rocket for NASA. Full story

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Historic Mercury launch pad reimagined as classroom

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