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Turtle Trafficking Prompts Arrests in Puerto Rico

Eight people were arrested in Puerto Rico on charges of selling endangered sea turtles for human consumption, federal authorities said. Full story

More than 150 accused in online wildlife sales

More than 150 people face federal and state charges after authorities disrupted online wildlife trafficking operations involving tiger, leopard and jaguar pelts, elephant ivory and live birds. Full story

Butterfly Park opens at India zoo

   A zoo in India is working to save endangered species of butterflies in their new Butterfly Park.'s Dara Brown reports.

The Tricky Art of Saving Wild Species

Some estimates put the planet on a pace to lose half of all species by the end of the century, and accordingly, conservation efforts in the United States have moved far beyond not shooting animals. Full story

San Diego Zoo Welcomes Season's 1st Condor Chick

The San Diego Zoo welcomed its first California condor chick of the hatching season on Feb. 24, the zoo announced yesterday (March 11), as part of their breeding program to help save the endangered species. Full story

Gorillas to Be Protected with New Congo National Park

The Republic of Congo has declared a new national park that conservationists hope with protect a core population of western lowland gorillas, a critically endangered species, as well as other threatened species, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced today (Jan. 31). Full story

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Endangered Species? Bikini Waxes Wiping Out Pubic Lice

Genetics used to protect rare elephants


  Orphaned elephants find home, love in rare preserve

Workers at a Kenyan sanctuary for elephants who have lost their mothers, many through rampant poaching, talk about how they care for one of Africa’s most endangered species. By NBC's William Angelucci.

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BESTPIX Singapore Zoo Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary
BESTPIX Singapore Zoo Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

SINGAPORE - JUNE 27: Female Nyalas are seen at the Singapore Zoo on June 27, 2013 in Singapore. Home to more than 2,800 animals from over 300 species, 26% of which are endangered species, the zoo has attained a strong reputation internationally for its conservation initiatives and breeding programm


A peregrine falcon flies over Leipzig, eastern Germany, on May 16, 2013. The falcons have been ringed in Leipzig to research the diurnal activity of the endangered species. AFP PHOTO / SEBASTIAN WILLNOWSEBASTIAN WILLNOW/AFP/Getty Images

Aye aye
Aye aye

An aye aye, a type of lemur, lives in Madagascar. A new study highlights genetic diversity among various populations, aiding conservation of the endangered species.

Sotheby's worker, Isabelle Brown, poses with "Endangered Species" by Andy Warhol at Sotheby's in London
Sotheby's worker, Isabelle Brown, poses with "Endangered Species" by Andy Warhol at Sotheby's in London

Sotheby's worker, Isabelle Brown, poses with "Endangered Species" by Andy Warhol at Sotheby's in London March 15, 2013. The set of ten screen prints is expected to sell for 300,000 GB pounds (US$ 452,400) when it comes to auction on March 19. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor (BRITAIN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT SO