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BLM to review Encana pipeline proposal in Colorado

The Bureau of Land Management is launching an environmental analysis of Encana Corp.'s plan for two, 31-mile pipelines crossing private and public land in western Colorado. Full story

U.S. government to review plans to develop oil shale, tar sands

The Obama administration said on Wednesday it will "take a fresh look" at plans issued under the prior Bush administration to develop commercial oil shale and tar sands in three U.S. states. Full story

Horse roundup near Pickens sanctuary criticized

Animal rights activists are lashing out at plans to remove about 2,000 wild horses from the range near two northeastern Nevada ranches that the wife of oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens purchased to serve as a mustang sanctuary. Full story

New push to slaughter horses for food

Ranchers and horse owners in the United States should be allowed to slaughter their animals and sell the meat as food, said dozens of breeders, trainers and lawmakers gathered in Las Vegas this week to revive the nation's shuttered horse processing industry. Full story

What's wilderness? Bush-era curbs are repealed

The Obama administration on Thursday undid a Bush-era policy that curbed wilderness protections within the 245 million acres managed by the federal Bureau of Land Management. Full story

Fears of hacked eagles halts key wind projects

Fears that whirling wind turbines could slaughter protected golden eagles have halted the biggest parts of the federal government's push to increase renewable energy on public lands. Full story

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Wild horse roundup begins in Colorado

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Helicopter rounds up wild horses
Helicopter rounds up wild horses

Helicopters are often used to round up wild horses. These were corraled in Oregon by he Bureau of Land Management.