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Frears pokes Hollywood for detaining Cannes star

Stephen Frears took a playful swipe at Hollywood while discussing why Gemma Arterton, the star of his comedy "Tamara Drewe," could not make it to his movie's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Full story

‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ set for 2011

The last film, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," made nearly $710 million at worldwide box offices. The next film, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," is due out June 30. Full story

‘Idol’ goes to 7 cities, but offers 8 audition days

With an extra hour to fill, Wednesday’s clip show focused mainly on singers who did well enough to make it to the Hollywood round. Full story

Top 10 ‘geek’ movies of the decade

Some made it for their innovation, others for their influence. Ultimately, the one common trait the movies chosen all shared was watchability. Because a great film, a film for the ages, is one that stands up to that brutally simple test of multiple viewings. Full story

Frankly, critics have been kind to ‘GWTW’

“Gone with the Wind” has remained a critical favorite in the 70 years since its original release, although some might take issue with the film’s stereotyping or its soapiness. Full story

Obamas hold first state dinner

   Nov. 25: President Obama and the first lady welcome the D.C. elite, Oscar-winning entertainers and Hollywood moguls to the White House for their first state dinner. NBC’s Savannah Guthrie reports.

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Jim Carrey’s Scrooge rings in holiday season

‘Wild Things’ proves no book is unfilmable

Will meltdown have lasting impact on culture?

Fox calls her power over men ‘supernatural’

Comic books don’t need tights to become films

YouTube in talks to offer online movie rentals

LA film producers to stand trial in bribery case

If you saw it in a movie, it must be true. Right?

‘On the Waterfront’ writer Schulberg dies

FirstPerson: Are you at memorials for Michael Jackson?


  Inside Obama’s first state dinner

Nov. 25: A Morning Meeting panel examines the list politicians and Hollywood celebrities who joined the first couple to honor the prime minister of India.

  The 3-D Revolution

A look at the soon to be seen 3-D technology Hollywood's been promising, with CNBC's Jim Goldman.

  Games v. Flix, Who's Got the Power?

Who wields the real power between Hollywood and Silicon Valley? Insight with CNBC's Jim Goldman.

  ‘Precious’ stars on the red carpet

"Precious" stars Mo'Nique, Gabourey Sidibe, and Sherri Shepherd hit the red carpet in Hollywood. Mo'Nique spoke about the toughest scene she had to do for the film.

  Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon on ‘Precious’

Mariah Carey and husband, Nick Cannon, rocked the red carpet in Hollywood for the "Precious" premiere where they chatted about her glamming down for this role.

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