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Southwest expecting busy wildfire season

Experts are predicting a busy and costly fire season this summer in parched southwestern states like Texas and Colorado, where hundreds of square miles already have been charred. Full story

Why twister outbreak? La Nina eyed as key factor

Experts are assessing what factors went into the massive tornado outbreak. A leading candidate: La Nina, the periodic ocean cycle that starts off South America. Full story

U.S. may see record number of tornadoes this year

A rare and potent combination of cool air clashing with warm, humid weather and extreme winds at varying altitudes ignited the deadly tornadoes that ravaged the U.S. South this week, meteorologists said on Thursday. Full story

Record Tornadoes - Why?

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana's NewsCenter) - The number of tornadoes this year is reaching record proportions. But why? Spring is usually the most common time for these storms to occur. Full story

Three million affected by Colombia floods

   Heavy rains, brought on by the weather phenomenon La Niña, have killed more than 400 people in Colombia since last year.'s Dara Brown reports.

President: Colombia hit by 'worst national disaster'

Months of heavy rains, flooding and mudslides have caused "the worst natural disaster that we can remember," Colombia's president said Monday night. Full story

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Are We In For More Severe Weather?

Landslide from heavy rains kills 20 in Colombia

La Nina weakening; below-average rain seen for South

North Australia set to face more weather extremes, corals show

Colombia counts heavy cost of rains, floods

La Nina likely to persist through first quarter

El Nino seen triggering next world warmth record

Current La Niña Could be Strongest Ever Recorded

Q+A: Why do El Nino and La Nina trigger weather chaos?

Scientists see climate change link to Australian floods


  El Nino, La Nina impacting weather worldwide

Meteorologist Jeff Masters explains how the current El Nino and La Nina are wreaking havoc with worldwide weather patterns.

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A man wades through the water in a flooded area of Rionegro municipality, Antioquia department, Colombia, on April 29, 2011. Colombia faces the worst natural disaster in history because of the rains, enhanced by the La Nina phenomenon acting on the Pacific Ocean.