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Group reports record trash haul from NJ beaches

A record amount of trash was picked up along New Jersey beaches last year, including a kitchen sink.Full story

Is Apple Pricing Aggressively to Dominate the Tablet Market?

It worked so well with iPods in the MP3 player market ... Full story

What? Evidence on iPod-Related Hearing Loss Challenged

New studies are challenging the link between personal MP3 players and hearing loss among adolescents. Full story

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Apple iPad’s becomes big fat ‘intimate’ joke

Apple profits up 47 percent on iPhone craze

Microsoft adds touch screen, Web to Zune

Italian faithful told to take high-tech break

NZ man's MP3 player holds U.S. military files

Pump up the volume — with an eye roll

Hit the road with these tech tools

It's a small, small tech world


  Are You An IPod Or A Zune?

A look at Microsoft's newest portable music player, with David Pogue, The New York Times tech columnist and CNBC contributor.

  Man says used mp3 player contained government data

Jan. 27: A New Zealand man who bought an mp3 player at a thrift store got more than he bargained for, and there are new developments in the Bahamas related to the death of John Travolta's son in today's Go Global segment.

  Man repairs, rebuilds jukeboxes

Oct. 7: In these times of iPods and other MP3 players, one Iowa man still prefers to listen to his music the old-fashioned way. He's one of only a very few people in the country who still repair and rebuild jukeboxes. KTIV's Al Joens reports.

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Powermat's Portable Mat wireless charging station allows you to charge devices such as your phone, MP3 player, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Bluetooth headset without their adapters for about $100.


This undated photo released by Microsoft shows the Microsoft Zune portable media player. The three devices are photographed each to show the different steps to buying songs over the Zune's built-in FM radio that are available through the Zune Marketplace online music store. Microsoft Corp. said Mond