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Study: Welfare drug tests not cost effective

A state study concluded the cost of mandatory drug testing of public assistance recipients would exceed any savings from booting offenders from programs. Full story

NM lawmaker wants drug testing for jobless claims

New Mexico lawmakers are considering a new requirement for people to qualify for state unemployment benefits as more residents seek public assistance in a sour economy: saying no to drugs. Full story

Wisconsin has been stung by recent job losses

President Barack Obama speaks today, Labor Day, in a state where many companies have asked for pay cuts from their labor forces. Some have also sought government aid. Full story

Spending up, but economic outlook cautious

Factories are churning out goods. Consumers are spending. Government aid is fueling construction. But stagnant pay and weak hiring will likely restrain the economic rebound in coming months. Full story

Portugal takes steps to drive down debt

Portugal announced new austerity measures to avoid a debt crisis, cutting welfare benefits and government hiring as well as selling assets and raising taxes on the well-off. Full story

AIG Losses

   A look at AIG's disappointing results and the possibility that the company might need more government aid, with CNBC's Mary Thompson and Eamon Javers, Politico financial correspondent.

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Sales of new homes hit a record low in January

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