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Criminal checks on Ind. medical workers wins OK

A bill requiring criminal background checks for anyone seeking new Indiana licenses as a doctor, dentist, nurse or several other health care jobs is heading to the governor for approval. Full story

Ind. House OKs criminal checks on medical workers

The Indiana House has approved a bill requiring criminal background checks for anyone seeking a new license to be a doctor, dentist or several other health care jobs. Full story

Ind. panel OKs criminal checks on medical workers

Physicians, dentists, nurses, veterinarians, pharmacists and other medical workers would have to undergo a criminal background check when applying for a new state license under a bill approved Tuesday by an Indiana House committee. Full story

Fixing gun laws

   Dr. Peter Rhee explains why he’s urging the government to instill better background checks for gun purchases.

Gun control advocates call for action

   Since the Tucson shooting, more than 2,400 Americans have died from gunshots. Andrew Romano of The Daily Beast discusses.

Democratic Senator seeks to bolster gun checks

U.S. states should turn over more records to a national list of people barred from buying guns or face rising penalties, Sen. Charles Schumer said in introducing new legislation to Congress on Wednesday. Full story

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Supreme Court upholds NASA employee background checks

Slipping through cracks, 1 background check at a time

Using Credit Checks to Help in Hiring

Arizona rampage renews issue of gun screenings

Pilots get reprieve from new U.S. screening checks

Supreme Court sides with NASA on privacy issue

Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on NASA Privacy Case

Your Career: Problems with background checks

ConsumerMan: Credit scrutiny for job hopefuls 


  Turn 21, buy a gun?

Josh Horwitz comments on the proposed gun bill in South Dakota and explains how it will affect the rest of the country.