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Certain chronic pain may raise suicide risk

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Back pain, migraine and other types of chronic pain without a known physical cause - and therefore little prospect for relief - were associated with an increased risk of suicide in a new study of U.S. veterans. Full story

Chronic pain common after strokes caused by clots

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - One in 10 people who have a stroke caused by a clot blocking blood to the brain go on to develop chronic pain, according to a new study. Full story

Devoted, loving wife honored for standing by husband

   Jullian Grante has been battling cancer and chronic pain for more than 10 years. He honors his wife for standing by him throughout all these years, and says their faith has given them the strength to overcome.

Botox used to relieve teen's pain

   Wyoming doctors use the popular cosmetic toxin to relieve a teenager's chronic pain. KCWY's Cory Marshall reports.

Hypnosis as health care quietly gains ground

Over the last decade, more and more research shows there are benefits of hypnosis for medical problems. Full story

Want pain pills? Be prepared to sign the dotted line

To help monitor use of painkillers, some doctors ask patients to sign "pain contracts" or "opioid treatment agreements" that spell out the rules patients must follow to take these drugs safely. Full story

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  Could pain be a disease within itself?

Time’s Rick Stengel stops by Morning Joe to talk about the magazine’s special health double issue, which reports on the latest treatments for chronic pain.

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