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  Drought dries up China's Shijiu Lake

Tsunami and radiation may sink Japanese fishermen

The tsunami that slammed Japan two weeks ago wiped out homes, businesses and a fishing industry that was the lifeblood for thousands of victims on the northeast coast. Full story

Isolated Japanese island tries to fend for itself after tsunami

Susumu Sugawara steers his boat "Himawari" past burned-out ships and through flotsam to the small island of Oshima, providing residents with their only link to the outside world, two weeks after an earthquake and tsunami devastated northeast Japan. The 9.0-magnitude quake and tsunami killed more tha Full story

Industry hopes consumers will be seeing redfish

It's been a worry-free couple of decades for the Acadian redfish. Full story

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  Gulf fishermen struggle to stay afloat

Third-generation fisherman Joey Fonseca and Matt Murphy, executive chef at New Orleans’ Ritz Carlton, discuss why supporting local fisherman is crucial in the rebuilding of crisis-ravaged Gulf Coast.

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