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A new report card gives America’s infrastructure a D+

The country usually gets bad grades in this report, but this year it actually showed improvement from a D in 2009. Full story

Infrastructure gets poor grade despite billions in investment

  Greg DiLoreto, the President of the ASCE and former Gov. Ed Rendell, who is co-chair of Building America’s Future Educational Fund, joins Daily Rundown gust host Chris Cillizza to talk about America’s poor infrastructure report card grade and how America can take action to improve its infrastructure

Infrastructure's Failing Grade

  A new report gives U.S. infrastructure a D+, which is actually a slight improvement from its grade in 2009. Former Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA), provides perspective.

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  The first-ever successful filibuster of a cabinet nominee

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Josh Green, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, Radhika Jones from Time, and Politico’s Glenn Thrush join Alex Wagner to discuss what’s in store for Chuck Hagel as his Defense Secretary confirmation is now on hold.

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