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U.S. unveils new terrorism alerts, scraps colors

The Obama administration on Wednesday unveiled a new warning system to alert Americans about specific terrorism threats, formally pushing the much-ridiculed color-coded warnings into the trash bin. Full story

Ready, fire, aim

   Republicans have things out of order when it comes to cutting budgets for emergency warning systems. Christian Parenti, Contributing Editor of The Nation straightens things out.

If tragedy happens here

   Ed breaks news that a fourth reactor is on fire in Japan, releasing more radiation, and talks with Chris Hayes about what happens if tragedy hits the U.S. and the vitality of funding for warning system technology.

Early-warning systems key to survival

   Msnbc’s Rachel Maddow explains why no coastal region is safe from the threat of a tsunami and talks about the importance of early warning systems, whose budgets might be cut by almost 30 percent because of the spending plan approved by House Republicans last month.

U.S. to replace color-coded terror threat alerts

The Department of Homeland Security will replace the widely pilloried color-coded warning system for terrorism threats with more targeted alerts to the public, a senior lawmaker said on Wednesday. Full story

Brazil to create disaster prevention system

Brazil will create a nationwide disaster-prevention and early-warning system following recent floods and landslides that killed nearly 750 people in mountain towns north of Rio de Janeiro, a government official said Thursday. Full story

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  Is government to blame for kids’ deaths in hot cars?

NBC’s Jeff Rossen investigates whether manufacturer-installed warning systems and forward-facing car seats could help prevent these tragedies.

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