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Italian motorists steal €10,000 ($12,580) in coins

Money makes the world go round — or in this case brings an Italian highway to a halt.Full story

Ahead of the Money

Wounded 3-year-old, dead parents found at CA home

Money fund investors: Prepare to stay underwhelmed

Money can buy happiness — or at least one kind

Money, it turns out, really can by you happiness -- or at least one form of it, according to the biggest study to examine the relationship between income and well-being around the world. Full story

MoneyGram broadens service in Morocco

Money-transfer company MoneyGram International Inc. said Wednesday it signed with three new agents in Morocco and will expand its services to the African country. Full story

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4 tips on comparing money-market mutual funds

‘Casino Jack’ an infuriating expose of greed

Tales of rich and poor at National Book Awards

No cash for medical bills? Bartering pays

Feeling pain? Finger your cash

Wallet stolen in 1982 found in NYC tree


  Shipping Outlook & Stock Picks

The oil spill in the Gulf is just the latest problem facing the shipping industry, often considered a leading indicator. Jim Lawrence, chairman of Marine Money, shares his shipping outlook and stock picks in the sector.

  Follow The Money, Final Part

Detectives reveal just how much these guys have scammed from their victims over the years.

  Follow The Money, Part 4

Watch the hidden-camera meeting in which the scammers insist they have the promised $15 million for their victim.

  Follow The Money, Part 2

The email thieves had already taken more than $200,000 from Shireen, but it doesn’t take long to discover their greed has no limit.

  Follow The Money

It all started with a simple email. Meet Shireen, a woman who knew all about email cons, yet still fell for a scam and lost her life savings. Watch the full hour here.

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