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The Big Mac case to raise the minimum wage

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell explains why McDonald's will still make more money if they give their workers a higher salary.Full story

Fast food workers kick-off multi-city protests for higher pay

(Reuters) - Hundreds of low-wage workers at fast-food chains such as McDonald's <MCD.N> and Wendy's on Monday protested in the streets of New York, kick-starting a week of demonstrations in several major cities demanding the right to unionize and pressing for a pay raise to $15 per hour - doub Full story

Can fast food workers get a higher minimum wage?

Fast food strikers have numbers and they have media attention. But how can they actually boost their wages? Full story

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U.S. fast food workers kick-off multi-city protests for higher pay

All In agenda: Raising the minimum wage

Neb. lawmaker to propose higher state minimum wage

Groups seek to put minimum wage on Mass. ballot

DC councilmember to introduce minimum wage hike

New Czech cabinet raises minimum wage as one of first steps: agency

Rhode Island minimum wage to rise 25 cents

Wal-Mart faceoff with DC fuels minimum wage debate

D.C. mayor should veto city’s ‘living wage’ bill

Maine Gov. LePage vetoes minimum wage boost


  Bill de Blasio: ‘It’s time for Weiner to step aside’

The NYC Democratic candidate joins Morning Joe to explain how he will turn the focus of the mayoral race back on service and schools. De Blasio also shares his thoughts on the “Stop and Frisk” policy calling it “corrosive.”

  Obama will give economic speech at an Amazon warehouse

President  Barack Obama is slated to give a speech at an warehouse in Chattanooga, Tenn. The online retailer will provide 5,000 jobs at similar facilities across the country. The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, The New York Times’ Mark Leibovich, The Nation’s Ar

  Congresswoman: 'No way' low-wage workers can survive in this economy

Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., talks about the fight for the middle class and an increase in the minimum wage.

  McDonald's employee: 'It's time to take a stand'

Chris Hayes talks to an All In panel about protests for a living wage spreading across the U.S.

  Fighting for income inequality

Fast food workers walked off the job in seven cities on Monday as the president continues his push to raise the minimum wage. Molly Ball and Matt Welch discuss.

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garments workers clash demanding a minimum wage
garments workers clash demanding a minimum wage

FILE --- epa02268213 A female garment worker throws a brick towards a factory gate during a clash with policemen in Ashulia, Bangladesh, 31 July 2010. At least 100 people injured as several thousands garments workers clash with policemen as they took to the streets demanding a minimum wage of 60 eur

  Life at minimum wage

Meet Crystal Dupont and John White. Both are struggling to live on minimum wage, one at the start of her career and the other toward the end of his.

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