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RI diocese urges civil unions rejection

After playing a key role in defeating a push for gay marriage, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence has urged Rhode Island lawmakers to reject an alternative establishing civil unions for gay couples, calling them a "stepping stone" to gay marriage. Full story

RI House speaker: Gay marriage bill won't pass

Efforts to extend marriage rights to gay couples in Rhode Island suffered a decisive setback Wednesday when a key legislative champion said he was abandoning a push to pass gay marriage legislation this year. Full story

Delaware to be eighth state to recognize gay civil unions

Delaware governor Jack Markell is expected to sign into law a bill that will make the state the eighth to recognize civil unions for same-sex couples, his office said on Friday. Full story

Del. same-sex unions law heads to gov's desk

Delaware lawmakers have approved a bill authorizing same-sex civil unions and Democratic Gov. Jack Markell says he looks forward to signing the measure into law. Full story

Same-sex civil unions defeated in Colorado legislature

Supporters of same-sex civil unions in Colorado on Friday vowed to keep fighting after a bill that would grant certain legal rights to gays and lesbians was defeated by a Republican-controlled committee in the state legislature. Full story

Gay legislators having impact in marriage debates

Of America's 7,382 state legislators, only 85 are openly gay or lesbian. They are, however, playing an outsized and often impassioned role when the agenda turns to recognizing same-sex couples with civil unions or full marriage rights. Full story

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Hawaii Legislature OKs same-sex civil unions

Illinois allows civil unions for same-sex couples

Hawaii governor vetoes same-sex civil unions bill

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Lee Yarbrough, left, and his partner Dan Abrahamsson, right, both of Honolulu and supporters of the Civil Unions bill look on as Senator Clayton Hee of Hawaii's 23rd Senatorial District announces a 24 hour delay voting on a Civil Unions Bill at the Hawaii State Capitol Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011 in Hono