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La. gov insurance privatization plan gets scrutiny

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's top financial adviser on Tuesday defended the administration's proposal to hire a private company to run a state worker and retiree health insurance program, rebutting complaints the privatization would boost health care costs to generate short-term cash for the budget. Full story

Organize and sue: a plan to fight emergency manager law

   Rev. Jesse Jackson and Michigan’s black lawmakers say they are preparing to challenge the state’s emergency financial manager law in court. State Rep. Fred Durhal of the Legislative Black Caucus outlines the plan.

Why a Michigan high school is ground zero for US politics

   Rachel Maddow takes a look at one of the effects of the emergency financial manager law, particularly on a remarkable Detroit high school that faces possible closure.

Blackboard hires Barclays as financial adviser

Education software company Blackboard Inc. said Tuesday that it has retained Barclays Capital as a financial adviser to consult in takeover talks. Full story

Detroit mayor seeks $200M savings in new budget

Detroit faces a possible state takeover if the city can't find $200 million in savings and show signs of improving financially during the upcoming fiscal year, Mayor Dave Bing warned the City Council during his annual budget presentation on Tuesday. Full story

Many NFL players living paycheck-to-paycheck

Though a lockout has been threatened for years, roughly 380 NFL players live paycheck to paycheck, resulting in a union soft spot that team owners could try to exploit. Full story

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Merrill Lynch revenue up as assets rise

New Stanford-related charges expected

Chuck Schwab worries about small investors


  Reality check on retirement

Financial consultant David Murray and financial adviser Jonathan Murray discuss the realities of being forced into retirement and what many Americans should be doing to safeguard their funds.

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