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Productivity's Worst Enemy -- And How to Conquer It

You've got so much on your plate that you wake in the middle of the night with 'to-dos' running through your mind. Take control of this anxiety and you'll get more done. Here's how. Full story

The Highs and Lows of Human-Powered Flight

On March 19th 2012, YouTube user jarnosmeets80 uploaded the a video to YouTube entitled "Flying like a bird | part 14/14." In it, a man donning a set of homemade wings and a helmet with a GoPro attached achieves what many wishful-thinkers, scientists and millennia of wingless bipeds have long dream Full story

Cops: Casey Anthony’s computer had ‘suffocation’ search

   Investigators in the Casey Anthony murder trial are revealing they failed to catch a Google search for “foolproof suffocation” made on Anthony’s home computer on June 16, 2008, the last day Caylee was seen alive. Legal analyst Lisa Bloom discusses this new twist in the closed case.

Seven Secrets to Cold Calling Success

Many business owners dread picking up the phone to reach potential customers or investors for the first time. Here are seven tips to overcome your fears and prepare to win. Full story

3 Ways to Think Outside the Box

Try these brainstorming tips to help your team think more creatively. Full story

Google Wants Windows 8 Users Back

Microsoft did not include snazzy tiles (icons) on the homepage of Windows 8 for Google Search and Chrome. After all, it has a new opportunity to win over new users to Bing and Internet Explorer. But Google isn't standing by.  Full story

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Iran Blocks Access to Google and Gmail

Google+ Adds New Local Listings Tab for Businesses

How to Search Google Like It's 1989

Why Your Small Business Should Hangout on Google+

Google's first-quarter earnings miss estimates

Winner of Google's ultra-fast network is...

Google undercuts Apple’s app subscription service

Four Tips for Raising Your Google Rank

Google manager complicates role in Egypt protests

Egypt frees Google manager, now protest hero


  Siri-ous Competition for Apple?

Google search is still Apple's default though that may change, says Darren Chervitz, Jacob Asset Management. Meanwhile the FMHR traders break down retail earnings.

  Google Cracks Down on Search Manipulators

CNBC's Herb Greenberg has the details on the companies Google feels may be manipulating its search engine.

  Google: AAA to Zoos in Zurich

A look at how Google search can be an economic indicator, with Nicholas Colas, Convergex chief market strategist.

  Hey Kids! Why not doodle for Google?

Children across the country have a chance to have their own illustration featured on the search engine’s homepage. Google’s Marissa Mayer announces the fourth annual Doodle 4 Google competition.

  Facebook: The New Google?

A look at what it means for Google that Facebook has surpassed the search engine to be the most visited website for most of 2010, with Jon Rettinger, Techno Buffalo and Andrew Cetodal,

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screenshot of Google search of Google Earth images
screenshot of Google search of Google Earth images

Just a handful of the many screenshots of Google Earth that supposedly reveal the undersea civilization of Atlantis.

(FILES)The logo of internet search engin
(FILES)The logo of internet search engin

The logo of internet search engine company Google at the headquarters in Mountain View in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco, in this 05 June 2005 file photo. Google on January 11, 2011 launched its first ever global science fair for young people aged 13 to 18, with the grand prize being a trip