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10 dogs found poisoned to death in San Diego

Authorities have launched an animal cruelty investigation after 10 dogs were found poisoned to death at a mobile home park in San Diego. Full story

Baseball player's chicken sacrifice strikes out

   Two teens are cut from their high school baseball team after sacrificing baby chicks on their home field in an effort to improve play. KXAS's Grant Stinchfield reports the players now face animal cruelty charges.

New York woman sentenced to two years for animal abuse

A New York woman who admitted mistreating her children and torturing and killing dozens of pets, some in front of the youngsters, was sentenced to two years in prison on Wednesday. Full story

Teen in U.S. charged in death of family hamster

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - A U.S. teenager has been charged with a felony, and could face a two-year prison sentence if convicted, for killing her family's pet hamster, authorities said. Full story

Police arrest 33 people at Long Island cockfight

A New York man and woman were being arraigned on Sunday on felony animal fighting charges following a weekend raid of a cockfight that resulted in the arrest of 33 people, authorities said. Full story

Pamela Anderson urges end to India monkey testing

NEW DELHI (Reuters Life!) - Former Baywatch star and model Pamela Anderson has accused one of India's most prestigious research centers of animal cruelty, urging it to retire decades-old test monkeys and adopt humane practices. Full story

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Over 100 dogs rescued from Cleveland-area house

Woman charged in puppy-mailing attempt

100 dogs in Canada killed after business slows

Canada authorities probe ice-encased dog

Foreclosure horror: home filled with dead pets

13 dogs, 2 cats rescued from Long Island home

Alaska shelter strained by 157 starved, rescued dogs

Arsonist gets 12 years for fire that killed horses

Man jailed, accused of trying to marinate his cat

Charges dropped against teen in Fla. cat killings


  Beneath the surface of Vick's second chance

Melissa Harris-Perry, professor of Politics and African American Studies at Princeton University, discusses the particular cultural relationship between dogs and African Americans and the furor over President Obama's remarks on Michael vick's second chance after his conviction for animal abuse.

  Egg producer eyed in recall ‘habitual violator’

Austin “Jack” De Coster, owner of the company thought to be at the center of a salmonella scare, has a troubling past, riddled with health, safety, animal cruelty and pollution violations. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

  Video shows donkey forced to go parasailing

Police in southern Russia are launching an investigation into animal cruelty after video shows a donkey being forced to go parasailing.'s Dara Brown reports.

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Workers at the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals welfare center attempt to treat Napoleon
Workers at the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals welfare center attempt to treat Napoleon

Workers at the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals welfare center attempt to treat Napoleon, an abandoned Falabella miniature horse which they were unable to save, near Dublin, Nov. 26, 2010. Possibly as many as 20,000 horses and ponies are believed to have been abandoned by thei