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Power in Northeast seen as adequate this summer

The supply of electricity this summer will be adequate in the Northeast even if the region experiences prolonged heat waves or power is interrupted, a not-for-profit group that promotes power reliability said Tuesday. Full story

Extreme weather kills 45 in six states

   After a weekend of extreme weather in the Southeast, the University of Miami’s Amy Clement discusses says that as the earth warms, an increased number of extreme weather events will become more common.

Rio Tinto Q1 production hit by Australian weather

Anglo-Australian mining company Rio Tinto PLC says extreme weather in Australia has hit production in the first quarter of the year. Full story

World's Cities Unprepared for Climate Change

Cities — home to half the world's population — face potentially dire consequences from climate change. However, they often fall short when it comes to addressing the issue, according to an analysis of urban policies.   Full story

March 31: Nightly News Thursday broadcast

   Radiation discovered in America's milk supply; More trouble for Japanese nuclear plant; Libyan rebels determined to stop retreating; Libyan rebels determined to stop retreating; White House weighs extent of Libyan aid; Extreme weather rocks East Coast; GE CEO defends tax record; Small biz bucking tr

Scientists to Gather in D.C. for a Sample of Climate Data

The record snows across the United States this winter may be seen as a harbinger of the extreme weather expected from global warming, but figuring out how much the planet is warming and what the impact might be will take long-term studies. Full story

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3 billion-dollar U.S. weather disasters in 2010

Extreme weather pushes food prices higher


  Seeing weather through the lens of climate change

Conservation biologist Reese Halter, the author of "Wild Weather: The Truth About Global Warming" discusses the relationship between extreme weather events and global warming.

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