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  European air travel delays to linger?

Passenger in Seat 19A, Part 4

  Hear from travelers aboard Flight 253 exactly how the terrifying events unfolded.

Officials planned to question terror suspect

  Jan. 7: New information suggests that U.S. security officers learned of the alleged attempted Flight 253 bomber’s extremist links while he was mid-flight on Christmas Day. NBC’s Savannah Guthrie reports.

Intelligence agencies turf war?

  Jan. 4: Msnbc political analyst Richard Wolffe shares early details with Rachel Maddow of a press conference planned for Tuesday at which President Obama is expected to deliver news of the investigation into the failure to prevent the attempted bombing of Flight 253 on Christmas Day.

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Pilots question speed sensors' troubled history

High fashion carry-ons

Air France: Flight 447 pilot’s body retrieved

Official: Hunt goes on for crash jet’s black boxes

Fewer delays for U.S. airlines in April

Newsweek: Inside a bird-strike investigation lab

Brazil: Bodies found near Air France crash site

Weather hampers recovery of Flight 447 debris

Asia fares on sale from $451 round-trip

Flight with faulty gear light lands safely in NYC


  Shameless Cheney ignores own record to cast stones

Dec. 30: Rachel Maddow holds Dick Cheney and Republican opportunists to account for their shameless hypocrisy, distortions and outright lies in criticizing President Obama's response to the attempted bombing of Flight 253 in the face of their abject, egregious failures to deal with terrorist threats

  Time magazine on 'Fear of Flying'

Dec. 30: Time Managing Editor Richard Stengel reveals this week's cover story on the attempted attack on Flight 253 and new evidence that appears a similar case was thwarted in Somalia last month.

  Passenger: Once subdued, alleged attacker was ‘calm’

Dec. 26: Melinda Dennis, a first class passenger aboard Flight 253, joins NBC’s Amy Robach to discuss the scene on the jetliner when the man was placed in a seat across the aisle from her.

  Bobbi Brown’s dad pens new kids’ book

Nov. 18: TODAY beauty editor Bobbi Brown joins her father, Joe, to talk about his new children’s book, “The Flights of Marceau.”

  Capt. Sullenberger: 'Experience matters'

Oct. 14: Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot of Flight 1549, as well as author of "Highest Duty," joins the Morning Joe gang to discuss his experiences in the wake of the emergency landing.

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Suspected bullet hole on plane
Suspected bullet hole on plane

In these undated images provided to the Associated Press, Tuesday, March 25, 2008, a purported bullet hole is shown in a US Airways aircraft. In the top photo a suspected bullet hole is shown in the left third of the photo. In the bottom photo the suspected bullet hole is shown in the bottom center