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Amazon says new Kindle e-readers sold out says it has already sold out of the two new Kindle e-reader models it announced last week. Full story

The Price Is Right: Amazon’s Kindle 3

The competition can't keep up with Bezos and company. Full story

Games and gizmos for a smarter school year

Not all electronic games turn kids into couch potatoes. From literacy games to tween-friendly netbooks, here is the latest high-tech gear worth buying to get your child ahead this fall. Full story

A Kindle for All Mankind

   Whether Amazon's new Kindle is a serious rival to the iPad? Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray analyst.

New Kindle Unveiled

   Russ Grandinetti, Amazon's vice president of Kindle content, unveils the latest version of the Kindle.

E-Reader Wars

   Can the new and improved Amazon Kindle fight off the growing competition from Apple, Barnes & Noble and Borders? David Carnoy, of, and the CNBC news team share their views.

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Glance: Comparison of e-reader prices

Amazon unveils new Kindle, starting at $139

Out-of-stock Kindle may mean new version coming

E-book reader devices on verge of identity crisis

Newsweek: Why iPad hasn't killed the Kindle

On the Call: Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak

Consumer electronics to reach $174.9B in 2010

Stock Picks:, Goldman Sachs, IBM

Amazon says price cut has spurred Kindle sales

Breaking up is hard: Poems a tough fit in e-form


  Kindle outsells hardcovers

Amazon customers are purchasing more Kindle e-books than hardcovers. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

  Take Your Position: Kindle

Whether the Kindle will spark a strong quarter for Amazon.

  How to Beat the Kindle

Competition for Kindle is just around the corner, with Farhad Manjoo, "How to Beat the Kindle"; John Dvorak, MarketWatch; and CNBC's Melissa Francis.

  Cuddling up to the Kindle

Feb. 4: With even self-described "book people" embracing Amazon's Kindle, the e-reader is poised to become the most popular gadget you don't yet have. NBC's Clare Duffy reports.

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Photo dated May 6, 2009 shows online retail giant CEO Jeff Bezos unveiling the Kindle DX in New York. Amazon, by slashing the price of the Kindle at the end of July 2010, is hoping to turn the electronic book reader into a device with mass market appeal, one for "serious readers" distinc

New and old Kindles side by side
New and old Kindles side by side

EMBARGOED UNTIL 8PM PT - WEDNESDAY JULY 28, 2010 - The third-generation Kindle is 21 percent smaller -- and 15 percent lighter -- than its predecessor, with more proportional features, too.

Third-gen Kindle in lighted leather book cover
Third-gen Kindle in lighted leather book cover

EMBARGOED UNTIL 8PM PDT, WEDNESDAY JULY 28, 2010 - People who buy the new Kindle can pick up a leather case with a retractable light, which is powered directly from the Kindle's battery.

Two third-gen Amazon Kindles, in white and graphite
Two third-gen Amazon Kindles, in white and graphite

EMBARGOED UNTIL 8PM PDT - WEDNESDAY JULY 28, 2010 Amazon's third-generation Kindle is the sleekest and cheapest yet, with a Wi-Fi only version that starts at $139. The $189 version (3G+Wi-Fi) comes in either white or graphite.