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No surprise: Meth is bad for pregnant ladies

The Body Odd: Hey! Did you guys know that meth is not good for pregnant women or their babies? We know. We'll give you a minute.

Diet S.O.S.: Pregnancy cravings; lunch meats

   TODAY’s diet and nutrition expert Joy Bauer answers viewers’ questions about their diet dilemmas, including sensible snacking for hungry mothers-to-be and the nutritional lowdown on lunch meats.

New moms get protection under new health law

Full story

Wedding crasher: Baby makes surprise entrance

   Pregnant woman's race to the hospital ends with a delivery at stranger's wedding. WTMJ's Charles Benson reports.

Pregnancy hormones linked to memory loss

Many pregnant women report being more forgetful as their pregnancy progresses, and new research suggests it could be caused by elevated hormone levels affecting the brain. Full story

Experts: Childbirth deaths rare but too frequent

Pregnancy-related deaths appear to have risen nationwide over the past decade, nearly tripling in the state with the most careful count — California. Full story

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Mother’s gum disease linked to infant's death

Newsweek: Court cases grapple with fetal rights

Pregnant women focus for car-safety research

EMTs deny ignoring dying pregnant woman

Common antibiotics tied to birth defects

Swine flu cheaters getting vaccinated

Rite Aid alters pregnant women's flu shot rules

Treating mild diabetes during pregnancy helps

Swine flu shot tests expand to pregnant women

Judge denies group's flu vaccine request


  Michael Jackson's face in ultrasound?

Nov. 23: British parents claim they've seen the face of Michael Jackson in the ultrasound image of their unborn child. Willie Geist has the evidence.

  Where’s the H1N1 vaccine?

Nov. 17: Experts on swine flu are testifying before a Senate committee about distribution of the H1N1 vaccine to where it is most needed.  Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci about why it is so difficult to get the shots.

  Flu vaccine: 1 dose for pregnant women

Nov. 2: A single dose of the swine flu vaccine works well for almost all pregnant women, but young children will still need two doses for best results. NBC's Kristen Dahlgren reports.

  Passing cancer in the womb?

Oct. 14: A new study shows it’s possible for a pregnant woman to pass on cancer cells to her unborn child. Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with gynecologist Dr. Steven Goldstein.

  Pregnant women and H1N1

Oct. 9: The CDC reports that 28 pregnant women have died from the swine flu and roughly 100 others have been hospitalized in intensive care units. TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks with Dr. Rebecca Brightman about why pregnant women should get the H1N1 vaccination.

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People wait to recieve a swine flu vaccine in Texas
People wait to recieve a swine flu vaccine in Texas

Sherry Hoak holds her granddaughter, Ruby Cox, 3, as they wait in line to receive the H1N1 vaccine in Haltom City, Texas October 30, 2009. Collin County is distributing 1,600 injectable doses of the H1N1 vaccine to children ages 6 months to 18 years and pregnant women today. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi


A picture taken on October 28, 2009 shows a nurse preparing a A vaccine ( Pandemrix from Glaxo Smith Kline -GSK- laboratory) at the Pellegrin hospital in Bordeaux, southwestern France. Switzerland on October 30, 2009 restricted the use of British drugs group GlaxoSmithKline's swine flu vaccine Pande

Maria Lauterbach
Maria Lauterbach

** FILE ** In this undated U.S. Marine Corps photo released by the Onslow County Sheriff's office in North Carolina, Marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach is seen. Lauterbach was eight months pregnant when she disappeared in December 2007. Her burned remains, and those of her unborn child, were found a

Bobby Cutts Jr.
Bobby Cutts Jr.

Bobby Cutts Jr. listens to assistant county prosecutor Dennis Barr during final arguments in the sentencing phase of the trial of Cutts, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2008, in Canton, Ohio. Convicted of the murder of pregnant girlfriend Jessie Davis and her unborn child last summer, Cutts faces a possible death