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Vermont warns of restaurant inspection scam

Vermont officials are warning restaurant owners of a scam involving con men posing as state food inspectors. Full story

Osceola Residents Warned To Avoid Mosquitoes

The Osceola County Health Department is urging residents to protect themselves from mosquitoes and illnesses the bug may carry. Full story

Volusia Co. Officials Warn Of Amoeba

Health department officials in Volusia County want to keep your and your families safe this summer by warning residents of freshwater amoeba. Full story

Whooping cough epidemic in California

Whooping cough is now an epidemic in California, and is on pace to break a 50-year record for infections for the year. Full story

State health department director says whooping cough is an epidemic in California

State health department director says whooping cough is an epidemic in California. Full story

First mosquito case of West Nile for 2010 in Wash.

State officials have identified this year's first known case of West Nile virus in mosquitoes. Full story

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RI Health Dept censures women's centers over IUDs

Alaska Health Department releases abortion figures

Larimer County investigates meningitis death

Rodent expert shines light on rats in NYC subways

Montgomery abortion clinic agrees to close

Private hospitals challenge UMC expansion

Closed uranium mine ordered to stop discharge

State cuts owners of closed Colorado uranium mine

Salmonella outbreak expands to 24 Ill. counties

NE Neb. health dept. collecting dead birds


  Doctor dumped over doughnuts

Aug. 18: NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with Florida doctor Jason Newsom who was asked to resign as health department director over his anti-doughnut messages.

  Texas town prepares for swine flu

April 28: The people in Commerce, Texas, are meticulously preparing for a possible swine flu outbreak  even though the small town has no health department and a 25-bed hospital. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

  Virus sickens 100 at Mass. college

March 28: Health Department officials believe a norovirus is to blame for sickening 100 students and faculty at Babson College in Massachusetts.

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Judy Trunnell
Judy Trunnell

** CORECTS SPELLING OF TRUNNELL ** This undated photo provided by the Rudy Garza Funeral Home and taken by Ultrashots studio shows Judy Trunnell. Texas health officials on Tuesday May 5, 2009 announced the first death of a U.S. resident with swine flu, and said Trunnell was a 33-year-old schoolteach

Break dancing
Break dancing

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 30: A dancer performs a headspin at a rally against trans fats October 30, 2006 in New York City. The city's health department is holding public hearings on a proposed ban of trans fats, which increases the so-called "bad cholesterol" content of food.