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NRC members refuse to answer Vt. Yankee questions

The five members of the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission refused to say Thursday whether they had voted in secret a day earlier on whether to ask the U.S. Justice Department to intervene in the lawsuit brought by Entergy Corp. against the state of Vermont over the future of the Vermont Yankee n Full story

IG: NRC chief 'wrong' to mislead commissioners

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's inspector general says the agency's chairman was unprofessional and "wrong" as he repeatedly misled fellow commissioners about his efforts to stop work on a disputed dump for high-level radioactive waste. Full story

Major actions on nuclear dump under Jaczko's rule

President Barack Obama appointed Gregory Jaczko chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in May 2009. Some of the major actions that have taken place on the high-level radioactive dump at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, since then. Full story

Nuclear Regulatory Commission picks Dell for IT

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has picked Dell Inc. for a six-year, $252 million IT contract, the company said Friday. Full story

Watchdog says top U.S. nuclear cop "ruling by intimidation"

The head of the U.S. nuclear safety regulator loses his temper and uses threats and intimidation to try to get his way, the agency's own independent watchdog said in a report. Full story

Areva sees nuclear waste recycling planning by 2015

Areva hopes that by 2015, it can start planning construction of a facility for recycling nuclear waste in the United States, an executive for the French nuclear power company said on Monday. Full story

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U.S. may seek more comment on nuclear reactor design

NYT: Critics call nuclear agency too close to industry

NRC chief questions blackout plans for US plants

Nuclear regulator scrutinizes back-up power plans

High radiation found at Ohio nuclear plant

Senators probe nuclear future in wake of Japan

Three Nebraska nuclear workers exposed to radiation

'Unusual event' declared at Wash. nuclear plant

Nuclear regulator reviewing 2 Illinois plants

E-mails show US nuclear safety concerns


  Contamination concerns grow at plant

Nuclear expert Jeff Merrifield talks about the possible breach at the Fukushima plant’s reactor core.