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Tokyo Electric may face $25 billion in liabilities: report

Tokyo Electric Power may be asked to shoulder half of an estimated $49 billion in total compensation for damages stemming from its crippled nuclear power plant with other power firms to bear the rest, a Japanese newspaper reported on Tuesday. Full story

Torn pieces of ancient Chinese painting reunited

Two pieces of a torn 660-year-old Chinese painting held by Taiwan and mainland China will be reunited for the first time in centuries at an exhibit at Taiwan's national museum, in a sign of warming ties between the rivals. Full story

Taiwan air drill highlights US arms sale dilemma

Taiwan's equipment-challenged air force demonstrated its improvisational skills Tuesday, landing six war planes on a normally busy highway to simulate a response to a Chinese attack on its air fields. Full story

Reuters: Chinese workers seek more in Apple supplier's plant poison case

TAIPEI/BEIJING, Feb 25 (Reuters) - A Taiwan-owned plantmaking parts for Apple Inc said it is offering around80,000 yuan ($12,177) as compensation to each of the 115 workershit by chemical poisoning but some of the affected Chineseworkers said the sum was not enough. Full story

Taiwan festivals play new role as tourism booster

TAIPEI (Reuters Life!) - On a given signal the groups of four young men, each holding onto the ends of a bamboo sedan chair carrying an image of a local deity, leapt in turn into the chilly winter waters of a northern Taiwanese port. Full story

Taiwan pro-China party holds edge in mayoral races

Taiwan's China-friendly ruling party held onto most of the island's mayoral posts up for grabs in tense elections Saturday seen as a test of the party's popularity ahead of the 2012 presidential race. Full story

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