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Dead man's vote stands in NY village election

The election was decided by one vote, and both sides agree that a dead man voted. But a judge in New York says the man's absentee ballot can stand because it wasn't challenged before it was counted. Full story

Factbox: Five House races still undecided

Nearly three weeks after Republicans swept Democrats from power in the U.S. House of Representatives, five House races remain undecided and the winners might not be clear for days -- or longer. Full story

Miller waits to see if write-in challenge adds up

GOP nominee Joe Miller says he won't spend a lot of time, energy and effort fighting over ballots in Alaska's Senate race if the math doesn't add up in his favor. Full story

Joe Miller: Cautiously optimistic on prospects

Alaska Senate hopeful Joe Miller says he's cautiously optimistic about his prospects for winning on the eve of the absentee ballot count. Full story

Tally error upends N.Y. congressional election

A congressional election on eastern Long Island that had appeared to end in victory for a four-term Democrat, U.S. Rep. Tim Bishop, is now up for grabs after authorities discovered they had misreported the result of the vote. Full story

Alaska primary still too close to call

   Senate candidate Joe Miller, R-Alaska, talks about the absentee ballots, yet to be counted, in Alaska’s undecided Republican primary.

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