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AP INTERVIEW: Passion Play called more balanced

The redo of Germany's famous Oberammergau Passion Play apparently works.Full story

Accused WWII criminal wins bid against extradition

An alleged Nazi collaborator wanted in Hungary in the torture and killing of a Jewish teenager in 1944 won an appeal Friday against extradition from his adopted country of Australia. Full story

Pope names new head of ecumenical relations office

The pope has named a Swiss bishop with experience dealing with Orthodox and Lutheran churches to head the Vatican office responsible for relations with other Christians and Jews. Full story

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Siena's Palio race clouded by Islam, Jewish debate

Farrakhan charges Jews with 'anti-black' behavior

Dutch may use "decoy Jews" to fight racism

Hitler film exposes India's interest in dictator

Jerusalem revives plan to raze Palestinian homes

History museum presents exhibit on 400 years of Jewish life in NC

Brown addresses 'propaganda' remark in CA gov race

Ultra-Orthodox Jews clash with Israeli police

Museum presents exhibit on Jewish life in NC

Hawaii gov consults with rabbis on civil unions


  ‘Rough Justice’ documents Spitzer’s fall

Author Peter Elkind tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that prior to  his scandal with escorts, the former New York governor might have become America’s first Jewish president.

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A Palestinian family watches as an Israeli border policeman patrols the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan on July 7, 2010 during a visit by an Israeli parliament committee for the children's rights to the house of a Jewish family.