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UAE detains democracy activist, blogger in Dubai

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have detained a blogger and rights activist who says he's gotten death threats for calling for political freedoms in the Gulf nation. Full story

Al-Jazeera says Jordan staff receive death threats

Al-Jazeera's bureau chief in the Jordanian capital Amman said Wednesday he and his staff have received death threats and have asked for police protection. Full story

APNewsBreak: File shows threats on abortion doctor

Federal authorities investigated numerous death threats over the years against a late-term abortion provider who was eventually shot to death, including a 1999 letter that claimed a group of militant abortion opponents meeting in Las Vegas paid a woman $25,000 to kill him. Full story

Libyan woman who claimed rape gets death threats

A Libyan woman who says she is the person who burst into a Tripoli hotel to tell foreign journalists that she had been gang raped by Moammar Gadhafi's troops told a CNN interviewer Monday that she is out of custody but is receiving death threats from regime loyalists. Full story

Maine man accused over death threats to Maine governor

A Maine man allegedly linked by DNA to anonymous death threats mailed to Governor Paul LePage is due in federal court on Wednesday, according to court documents. Full story

Mexico police chief seeking asylum in US

A young woman who received death threats after recently becoming police chief of a violence-plagued Mexican town is in the U.S and seeking asylum, Mexican and U.S. officials said Tuesday. Full story

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Mental health a frequent theme in threats cases

Man charged with death threats to U.S. regulators

Cops: NYC mosque's imam, wife get death threats

Colombian teens murdered after Facebook threats

Anti-Bieber app guy totally gets death threats


  Shadegg: Politicians and staff have constant security concerns

Fmr. Rep. John Shadegg and political strageist Mark McKinnon talk to Morning Joe about the impact of Rep. Giffords' shooting on the U.S. political climate.