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Vanda files for approval of sleep disorder drug

Vanda Pharmaceuticals has filed for marketing approval of tasimelteon, which is designed to treat a sleep disorder that affects blind people. Full story

Symptoms of a possible sleep disorder?

   Snoring, teeth grinding and other common problems could hint to a more serious sleep disorder. WNDU's Maureen McFadden reports.

How to help your kids get a good night’s sleep

   Pediatrician Dr. Lisa Thornton shares her tips for identifying whether your child may suffer from a sleep disorder and offer suggestions to help them fall asleep.

Real-life ‘sleeping beauty’ slept 64 days in a row

   Nicole Delien, 17, suffers from a rare sleep disorder that’s been called “sleeping beauty syndrome,” which can cause her to sleep up to 19 hours a day. Andrea Canning reports and Delien, her mother, and Dr. Michael Rancurello discuss the disorder she says keeps her from enjoying life.

Police Plagued by Sleep Problems

Forty percent of police officers suffer from sleep disorders that may pose a risk to their health, safety and work performance, a new survey shows. Of the survey respondents, about 46 percent also reported nodding off or falling asleep behind the wheel. Full story

Sleep? These blind fish don't have time to sleep

Many grad students can sympathize with the blind form of the Mexican tetra. Researchers speculate they sleep only a few hours a night, because they simply don't have time to rest. Full story

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  Can’t sleep? Try these tips for a restful night

Women’s Health contributor Dr. Keri Peterson talks to TODAY’s Ann Curry about what causes insomnia, a sleep disorder that affects more than 15 percent of Americans, and gives advice for sleeping peacefully.

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