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Pets in Southeast are most at risk for heartworm

On an X-ray, if your dog's heart looks like it's clogged with cooked spaghetti, the diagnosis is likely to be heartworm. Full story

Historic Star Explosion's Trigger Discovered

Astronomers have identified what appears to be a cosmic smoking gun for a historic supernova explosion, a find that may also help with the search for elusive dark energy in the universe. Full story

NY hospitals could face checks for infant X-rays

The state health department is considering spot checks of other hospitals after inspectors found a Brooklyn medical center continued to X-ray premature babies long after it said the practice had been discontinued Full story

Mobile scanner brings x-rays to old paintings

A technique for peering under the surface of classic paintings came with a risk: The old, precious artwork had to be removed and transported through changing environments to the machine that would bombard it with X-rays. Full story

Radiation from airport scanners very low

Airport scanners are an "extremely low" source of radiation exposure that poses virtually no health risk, not even to frequent air travelers, U.S. researchers said on Monday. Full story

Exploded Star's 'Stripes' Hold Clue to Cosmic Mystery

The discovery of X-ray "stripes" in the remains of an exploded star may help astronomers learn how some of the highest-energy particles in our galaxy reach their incredible speeds, a new study suggests. Full story

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1896 X-ray machine fired up, radiation and all

The doc will see you now — on the space shuttle

Taking a look at a galactic collision

X-rays Reveal Ancient Snake's Hidden Leg

Dinosaur-Era Animal's Last Meal Found in Its Mouth

Kids' radiation exposure common and dangerous

Apple's iPad helps Israeli hospital treat patients

X-ray Vision Sheds New Light on Lightning Strikes

Scientists catch X-rays from lightning

CT scans best at seeing smugglers' internal drugs


  Man makes narrow escape from nail gun

A construction worker in California survived a near-death experience when a nail gun went off unexpectedly and shot a 3-inch nail into his head. Looking at astonishing X-ray pictures of the nail lodged inside his skull, doctors say the nail stopped just one millimeter from his brain. ITN's Alpa Pate

  TSA gears up for holiday travel, more screenings

Outrage over airport security X-rays and pat-downs grows as airports and TSA agents prepare for the busiest week in air travel in the U.S. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

  Too drunk to notice he'd been shot

A doctor's visit and X-ray show a man has had a bullet in his head for at least five years...and didn't know it. Willie Geist has the story.

  Marilyn Monroe chest x-rays auctioned

X-rays taken in 1954 of Monroe's chest and lungs went for big money at auction over the weekend. Willie Geist has the story.

  Time out for family

Sept. 30: Keith Olbermann explains to viewers that his recent absence from Countdown was related to caring for his infirm father.

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A doctor inspects the X-ray of a wounded Libyan rebel fighter at a hospital in Ajdabiya on April 7, 2011. Libyan insurgents and civilians stampeded out of Ajdabiya on rumours that loyalist forces were at the gates of the eastern town, hours after an air strike tore into the rebels' defences.

This composite image of Arp 147, a pair of interacting galaxies located about 430 million light years from Earth, shows X-rays from the NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and optical data from the Hubble Space Telescope (red, green, blue) produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimor

Two European Space Agency observatories
Two European Space Agency observatories

Two European Space Agency observatories combined forces in this image obtained from NASA on January 7, 2011 to show the Andromeda Galaxy in a new light. Herschel sees rings of star formation in this, the most detailed image of the Andromeda Galaxy ever taken at infrared wavelengths, and XMM-Newton s


NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory's image of the galaxy M82 shows the result of star formation on overdrive, as seen in X-ray wavelengths.