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Cindy Crawford's Son Used as Cybercrime Bait

Just as it does with his mom, Cindy Crawford, the camera loves Presley Walker Gerber. Unfortunately, so do online scammers. Full story

Kids' Safety Site Defaced with Child Porn Links

Online criminals have hacked into a reputable kids’ safety website and defaced it with links to child pornography. Full story

Twitter disables new version of website

By Twitter experienced service disruptions on Tuesday, displaying an older version of the social networking website to some users and becoming completely inaccessible to others. Full story

Digital Life: How blind people see the Internet

 By John HerrmanGizmodoYour eyes are absorbing this Web page. They're passing over this, this, then this word, right now. That's how reading works, online: You take this for granted. Full story

Attack linked to iTunes spreads across Web

Computer criminals are injecting malicious code into hundreds of thousands of Web pages, including several associated with iTunes, in a stealthy attempt to trick users into purchasing rogue antivirus software. Full story

Facebook Clogged by 2Pac and Zuckerberg Scams

Facebook was dangerous territory for Web surfers this past weekend, as online hackers launched several scams using enticing topics like 2Pac’s murder and the death of Facebook itself to lure victims and spread viruses. Full story

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