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Novel scam: Cybercrooks target Kindle e-books

With nearly a million titles available for its on-the-go readers, the Amazon Kindle and its associated e-book apps have revolutionized the reading world. Lately, however, they've also opened up an enticing new vector for online attacks.Full story

Motorola Mobility to report first-quarter results

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., which separated from the rest of Motorola in January, reports its first quarterly results as an independent company after the stock market opens Thursday. Full story

GPS: Your Cell Provider Knows Where You Are

UNDATED (Indiana’s NewsCenter) - Recent reports show Smartphone companies like Apple's iPhone and Android phones have implemented new software that tracks your phone's location. Full story

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So your phone is tracking you? You asked for it

Q-and-A: Smartphone location tracking

Google's Android Phones Track You Just Like iPhones

Digital Life: Whoops! Six-year-old spent $150 in Android app

Nokia expecting further slump in Q1

Apple sues Samsung, says stop copying us

SKorean search engines file Google complaints

Review: BlackBerry PlayBook strong, well-priced

Nokia launches new Symbian smartphones

Adobe unveils new Creative Suite 5.5 product line


  Kyocera Echo phone has double vision

The most peculiar Android phone coming from Sprint this spring, the Kyocera Echo has two screens.'s Wilson Rothman demonstrates what the second screen could be good for, and questions if the double-down is worth it.

  Amazon takes your music to the cloud

Amazon launched Cloud Player, which allows users to upload their music to the cloud, and then access it from computers and Android phones anywhere.'s Wilson Rothman explains why that's a big deal.

  App Security

CNBC's Jon Fortt has the details on Android and security issues. Apparently, hackers have been able to gain root access, which gives them complete control over a users' phone. Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray, and Spencer Ante, The Wall Street Journal, disc...

  Motorola Xoom: iPad finally has competition

The Android tablets out on the market have been weak in the face of the iPad. But after testing out Motorola's Xoom, it's clear the first Android Honeycomb tablet has what it takes to compete head to head.'s Wilson Rothman shows you why.

  Google unveils Android tablet software, takes aim at Apple

Today, Google showed off the latest version of its Android mobile operating system, Honeycomb.

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Japan's electronics giant Sony senior vice president Kunimasa Suzuki and Google's senior vice president Andy Rubin unveil the company's new tablet PC "S1" and "S2", based on Google's Android OS in Tokyo on April 26, 2011. The "Sony Tablet" S1 has a single screen and is for home use while the portabl

Android logo
Android logo

A six-year-old girl's Android-based shopping spree reminds us that in-app purchase headaches can be caused by any mobile platform.