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Fiber-Optic Cable Across Pacific Could Aid Tsunami Warning

Scientists, engineers and telecommunications officials are in the early planning stages for a seafloor fiber-optic cable that would span the Pacific Ocean, and could transmit unprecedented and vital information on everything from ocean temperatures to tsunamis to people back on shore. Full story

It's the cable guys! Antarctic ice wired

One of the most desolate spots on Earth recently got a visit from one of the most elusive characters on Earth — the cable guy. Four very high-tech and capable cable guys, to be specific. Full story

The New Five-Star Paris Hotel

On a fashionable stretch of Rue St.-Honoré, between Place Vendôme and the Tuileries, a magic carpet twinkling with fiber-optic lights transports guests from the crowded street to a leafy garden at the heart of a listed Art Deco building. This is the Mandarin Oriental, Paris, which—with 99 rooms and Full story

Forget fuel: Lasers could beam power to drones

Modern militaries depend on fuel. Nearly 80 percent of the supplies delivered to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan consist of fuel, and it's no surprise that those military convoys are frequently the targets of insurgents. Full story

New Data Transmission Speed Record Set

Broadband just got a whole lot broader. Researchers in Germany have achieved the fastest-ever data transmission on a single laser beam, and it just might carry your high-definition 3-D streaming movies of the future. Full story

State of the Internet: Traffic Jams Ahead Unless More Cables Laid

As the internet rapidly expands with ever more videos, web pages and posts, more ocean-spanning cable lines will be needed to string together this essential global computer network. Full story

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Rogue wave prediction spares ships, sailors

New laser shoots beams of night

Solar power goes underground

Physicists win Nobel for high-tech wonders

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Low-tech tools take out phones in Silicon Valley


  Sarasota: Google, Pick Me!

The beach town has taken drastic steps to attract attention to become Google's super high-speed fiber optic home, with Rich Swier, local Sarasota businessman.