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  The crash and burn of an Autism guru

Calif. to yank Jackson doctor's license?

  Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician at the time of his death, could have his medical license suspended by the state of Calif..'s Courtney Hazlett has the scoop.

Dose of Controversy Part 5

  The doctor who originally drew a link between autism and MMR vaccine left his native England after losing his medical license and now helps children recover from autism at a place called Thoughtful House in Texas.

Dose of Controversy Part 1

  Dateline takes an unprecedented look at the emotional debate surrounding vaccines and autism and the doctor who started it all, who has been stripped of his medical license.

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  Controversial autism doctor: ‘I’m not going away’

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who claims children’s vaccinations are linked to autism tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that, despite having his medical license revoked, he will continue his research.

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