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  Uniquely Maddow Monday

Playing the blame game

  Mother Jones’ David Corn and Republican John Feehery debate whether Republicans can make the case that the Democrats, the party of big government, want to shut the government down.

GOP small government except when it's not

  Rachel Maddow paints in stark contrast the small government principles Republicans pay lip service to and the big government culture war social policy Republicans actually pursue.

GOP: small government talk, big government agenda

  Rachel Maddow points out that there are two kinds of conservatives, big government and small government, and they're conflicts can be seen in fighting within the Republican Party. Thomas Frank, columnist for Harper's Magazine, joins for analysis.

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  Giuliani: Obama’s deficit proposal falls short

Former mayor of New York and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani talks to Matt Lauer about what Obama got right during his State of the Union address and what the president got wrong.

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