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Indie film pared to the bone in "Winter's Bone"

What if there were no independent film business? There might be no "Slumdog Millionaire," no "Little Miss Sunshine," no "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" or "The Blair Witch Project." Full story

Megan Fox: Living in spotlight is ‘strange’

   The actress talks about her new indie film with Mickey Rourke, but did she choose this role because of its eccentricity?

Helen Thomas ends White House career amid uproar

Helen Thomas, the opinionated White House correspondent who used her seat in the front row of history to grill 10 presidents and often exasperate them, lost her storied perch Monday in a flap over calling on Israelis to get "out of Palestine." Full story

Gravitas independent films to be seen on YouTube

Gravitas Ventures, a distributor of independent films, said Thursday that it plans to add about 500 films to a branded channel on YouTube, the video service of Google Inc. Full story

Can the politics shake Crist?

   Eugene Robinson and film producer, Jerry Weintraub, discuss whether Crist will last as an Independent.

Movies for grown-ups lurk amid summer hits

There are blowups and car chases, and plenty of belly laughs and romance. Then there's the grown-up stuff that sneaks into movie theaters among all the big studio action thrillers and comedies. Full story

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Tribeca Film Fest embraces future with ‘Shrek’

‘Precious’ wins big at NAACP Image Awards

‘Precious,’ ‘Last Station’ get Spirit Award nods

Fungus hitting frogs hard

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