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  New guidelines for diagnosing Alzheimer's

April 19: Nightly News Tuesday broadcast

  Trump: 'I don't see myself as having failures'; Fierce wildfires make tinderbox of Texas; Left behind in Libya;Bradley Manning to be moved to Leavenworth; Despite scrutiny, ATC errors abound; New guidelines for diagnosing Alzheimer's; Freeze tag, red rover ok to play; The storm-ravaged embrace kindn

Alzheimer's treatment 'inadequate'

  Dr. Ronald Petersen, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic and Director of the Mayo Alzheimer's Disease Research Center calls Alzheimer's "a disaster" and says more federal funds are needed for research.

Inability to Detect Sarcasm May Herald Dementia

People in the early stages of dementia may not be able to tell the truth from lies and sarcasm from sincerity, a new study finds. Full story

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Popular drug for mild Alzheimer's largely a flop

Brain scans may predict Alzheimer's in some

Memory tricks help with early Alzheimer's

Widowhood May Raise Dementia Risk

Moms pass on alzheimer's risk

Brain microbleeds may point to Alzheimer's origins

Hormone holds promise as memory enhancer

'Good' cholesterol may fight Alzheimer's

Brain Damage May Create False Memories

Wine may help fight Alzheimer's, study suggests


  Five new Alzheimer's risk genes found

Scientists have identified five more genetic triggers that lead to Alzheimer's. Gina Kolata, a science and medicine reporter for the New York Times, discusses the findings with msnbc's Thomas Roberts.

  Losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s

Psychologist Dr. Dale Atkins and neurologist Richard Isaacson discuss how family and friends can cope when their loved ones start showing the first signs of Alzheimer’s.

  Alzheimer's test may lead to early detection

Researchers believe that in the near future a simple blood test may be able to accurately predict those at highest risk for Alzheimer's disease. KNTV's Marianne Favro reports.

  Rembering Sargent Shriver

After suffering from Alzheimer’s the husband of JFK’s sister, Eunice, died today at 95 with a huge political resume. Lawrence O’Donnell talks to his niece, Kerry Kennedy, and his former 1972 running mate, George McGovern.

  Making a Difference with Powderpuff Philanthropy

This month congress passed the National Alzheimer’s Project Act which was hailed as the first ever national plan to tackle Alzheimer’s disease. MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell reports on how a group of women are using powderpuff football to bring a whole new meaning when it comes to tackling this painful di

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Half a healthy brain is pictured next to half a brain of a person suffering from Alzheimer disease Belle Idee University Hospital in Chene-Bourg
Half a healthy brain is pictured next to half a brain of a person suffering from Alzheimer disease Belle Idee University Hospital in Chene-Bourg

One hemisphere of a healthy brain is pictured next to one hemisphere of a brain of a person suffering from Alzheimer disease, at the Morphological unit of psychopathology in the Neuropsychiatry division of the Belle Idee University Hospital in Chene-Bourg near Geneva March 14, 2011. The Division st