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Amid "war on obesity," skeptics warn of stigma

For all the public support of efforts to curb childhood obesity, there's also a vocal and passionate corps of skeptics and critics worried that widespread discrimination toward the overweight and obese will only increase.The images are striking: Overweight boys and girls staring somberly from billboFull story

Sweet! Candy eaters surprisingly slimmer

Those with a sweet tooth might not need to feel so guilty about admitting it. People who eat candy and chocolate tend to have smaller waists, weigh less and have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who don't indulge in these treats, a new study says. Full story

Apple or pear? Any excess fat is bad for your heart

Any excess fat — whether it's distributed throughout your body or concentrated at your waistline — is bad for your heart health, according to a new review of studies. Full story

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Hips don't lie with new method of calculating body fat

Kids put on pounds when mom works

Global obesity rates have double since 1980

Study says even being a bit overweight is risky

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