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Indiana legislature approves statewide school voucher program

The Indiana legislature approved bills on Wednesday that would usher in sweeping changes to the state's educational system by creating a statewide private school voucher program and expanding the state's charter school program. Full story

Florida school first to have motion picture studio

   NBC’s Jamie Gangel visited G-Star School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Fla., the first in the world to have a working motion picture studio on campus, allowing students to make commercials and movies and to work with rock stars.

N.J. charter school operates on merit-based pay

   Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago of the Leap Academy University Charter shares her thoughts on paying teachers based on merit not tenure.

Charter School: 100 percent accepted to college

   For the second consecutive year, Urban Prep Charter Academy – an all-male public charter high school with students from the city’s toughest neighborhoods – is sending its entire senior class to college. Urban Prep’s CEO and founder Tim King discusses.

Are charter schools the right solution?

   CEO of Rocketship Schools John Danner and Kevin Hall with Charter School Growth Fund talk about the benefits of funding charter school education.

Geoffrey Canada on education: ‘We’re not doing enough’

   Geoffrey Canada, CEO of the Harlem Children's Zone, talks about America’s “third world” education system, the documentary “Waiting for Superman” and the importance of the lessons being learned in the charter school movement.

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  Going green with goats in Detroit

A Detroit charter school borrows herd of goats to clear lot for class garden. WDIV's Brandon Roux reports.

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Students work on their laptops during class
Students work on their laptops during class

393930 13: Students work on their laptops during class August 31, 2001 at the Discovery Charter School in Tracy, Calif. The charter school with 125 fifth and sixth grade students is the first in the nation to operate a "paperless" system with all students issued a laptop with a wireless connection t