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Michigan police aim to find drug-impaired drivers

Michigan's police agencies are working to boost the number of officers trained in catching motorists driving under the influence of drugs — drivers state police say are no less a threat than drunken drivers. Full story

Residents set to buy Copenhagen hippie enclave

Residents of a hippie enclave in the Danish capital announced Saturday they had agreed in principle to a deal that will allow them to collectively buy the former naval base they first occupied four decades ago. Full story

Hawaii drug tests involve less fake urine

A Hawaii drug-testing company says the use of synthetic urine to foil drug tests is down because more people are aware there are ways to detect attempts to hide drug use. Full story

Paul Simon defends Barry Bonds: ‘We can’t all be Derek Jeter’

   In an interview with Brian Williams, the pop icon and part-time little league baseball coach weighs in on drug use--both in sports and in music--and cautions against taking a moralistic stance. Watch the full interview Thursday on NBC Nightly News.

Fla. lawmakers advance welfare drug testing bill

New applicants for temporary welfare assistance would have to dig into their own pockets to pay for drug tests that can cost $35 or more under bills advancing in the Florida House and Senate and backed by Gov. Rick Scott. Full story

Study reveals substance abuse in teens

   Steve Pasierb of The Partnership at talks about a new study which finds an increase in drinking and drug use in teens.

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Study: Airplane accidents linked to drug use

Shocking mug shots reveal toll of addiction

U.S. hepatitis C cases down dramatically

Chrysler workers arrested for alleged drug use

Ad banned for "simulating drug use"

Bummer! Dutch to ban tourists from buying pot

Teens and their parents both lie about drug use, study finds

School cancels dance over raunchy moves, drugs

Is your doctor addicted?

Huckabee likens gay marriage to incest, drugs


  Friends recall Loughner’s drug use

Friends of Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged gunman in the Tucson, Ariz., shootings, talk about his drug use, including pot and the controversial over-the-counter hallucinogen Salvia. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

  Drug use spikes in minority groups

Gil Kerlikowske of the Office of National Drug Control Policy comments on a new report, which shows a startling increase in teen drug use and other trends.

  School suspends teen for 'red eyes'

A grieving Texas teen is suspended from school after being accused of drug use and "bloodshot eyes," two days after his father's murder. KXAS's Scott Gordon reports.

  Lady Gaga: I do cocaine

The singer reveals her drug use to Vanity Fair. Plus: Linday Lohan is now in rehab; Justin Bieber is writing a memoir.

  There are no disposable people

Jack Frech and Rhonda Bentley explain the reality of those who've been down the road of drug use and crime.

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An emaciated drug addict (L) rests as an

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