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3M lowers year outlook on slowing global growth

Americans put the brakes on purchases of LCD TVs and other electronics this summer. That didn't help manufacturers like 3M Co. — which rely on those expensive goods to drive their business. Full story

Daily Nightly: Sony recalls 1.6 million LCD TVs

What we're following: - Global alert issued after alleged Iran assassination plot- Hurricane Jova slams Mexican coast- BlackBerry outages continue for third dayAnd did you see...- Sony recalls 1.6 million LCD TVs- Senate kills President Obama's jobs bill- Woman sues  … Full story

Sony Recalls 1.6 Million LCD TVs

RECALL (Indiana’s NewsCenter) – The Sony Corp. says it is recalling 1.6 million LCD TVs globally because of a defect that can trigger overheating, smoke and melting parts. Full story

When buying a TV, avoid the costly add-ons

Believe it or not, that $1,000 TV you're buying probably makes the store only a few dollars. The markup on TVs is very small. But that $100 HDMI cable the salesman sold you? That has $90-plus of profit, easy. Full story

Holiday TV Technology Comparison: Plasma Vs. LCD

There are two types of TV technologies available to holiday TV buyers: plasma and LCD. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but even these may be mitigated by the viewing environment. Full story

A no-nonsense guide to LCD, plasma TVs

If you've shopped for an HDTV, you've probably seen an array of display-technology terms bandied about in the fine-print specs listings.  Here's what you need to know about them. Full story

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You can have your HDTV and be green, too

Quirky New York City hotels, from $99/night

Getting the picture: Digital TV high on to-do list

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shot of a Monster cable in its packaging
shot of a Monster cable in its packaging

A "Higher Performance" HDMI cable from Monster advertises "faster speed" for 240Hz/480Hz video, even though the cable you use can't affect the performance of 240Hz/480Hz smooth-motion technology in LCD TVs.