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Texas governor: Disaster could blow hole in budget

With massive wildfires taking a toll on a strapped state budget, Gov. Rick Perry warned Tuesday that another natural disaster could leave the state "bankrupt" unless lawmakers show fiscal restraint. Full story

NYT: Culture of complicity, stricken nuke plant

Japanese are raising the possibility that a culture of complicity made the plant especially vulnerable to the natural disaster that struck the country on March 11. Full story

World's Cities Unprepared for Climate Change

Cities — home to half the world's population — face potentially dire consequences from climate change. However, they often fall short when it comes to addressing the issue, according to an analysis of urban policies.   Full story

TNT issues profit warning on Brazil woes

TNT NV, the Dutch mail company, has warned that profits at the express division it hopes to spin off in May are suffering because of natural disasters, high oil prices, and integration troubles in Brazil. Full story

Couple survives (natural) disaster honeymoon

Honeymoons aren't always easy for newlyweds, but six natural disasters? Full story

Japan nuclear crisis to trigger huge civil damages claims

Japan's nuclear crisis is likely to lead to one of the country's largest and most complex ever set of claims for civil damages, handing a huge bill to the fiscally strained government and debt-laden plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. Full story

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As Japan shutdowns linger, auto crisis worsens

God's Hand? 44% of Americans See Natural Disasters as Sign of End Times

Japan disaster set to be world’s costliest

Japan plans up to $127 billion in lending after quake: Nikkei

No Link Between 'Super Moon' and Earthquakes

Katrina offers lessons in caring for Japan's elderly, ailing

Turkey's nuclear plans unaffected by disaster-PM

Analysis: Science of predicting change enjoys fertile times

NASA Scientist Explains Science Behind 'Supermoon' Phenomenon

Will March 19 'supermoon' trigger disasters?


  Plutonium adds to Japan’s nuke nightmare

Plutonium, one of the world’s most dangerous substances, is seeping into soil around the nuclear power plant crippled by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami  that devastated Japan earlier this month. NBC’s Lee Cowan reports.

  Japan raises severity rating of nuclear crisis

Dr. Niles Diaz puts into context how dire the situation in Japan is as the country continues to recover from twin natural disaster and tries to prevent a nuclear meltdown.

  US giving small donations to Japan

Compared to other recent natural disasters, Americans are donating a smaller amount of money than usual to aid the people of Japan. Una Osilli of Indiana University explains why.

  Japan quake disaster raises US awareness

FEMA administrator Craig Fugate explains what every home should have in case of an emergency or natural disaster.

  Skepticism surrounds situation in Japan, US

Former Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M., joins The Last Word to talk about whether Americans should evacuate Japan and whether U.S. nuclear plants can withstand such natural disaster.

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