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  Angels in America help to save Haitian girl’s life

Heart surgery doesn't stop voter in Wisconsin

A Milwaukee man who came to after heart surgery and demanded a ballot has been allowed to vote. Full story

Brett Michaels to have heart surgery

  Rocker Brett Michaels is set to undergo heart surgery in January, which TV shows you shouldn't miss, and Lindsay Lohan is headed back to court.'s Courtney Hazlett has the scoop.

Robot used to perform heart surgery

  Surgeons in Australia are able to perform heart surgery without entering the operating room by using a robot.'s Dara Brown reports.

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Mini clip is safer than heart-valve surgery


  Cheney recuperating from heart surgery

Former Vice President Cheney announced Wednesday that he had life-saving heart surgery last week to implant a pump to keep his heart functioning. NBC's Jamie Gangel and Robert Bazell report.

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