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India cheers rising tiger numbers amid habitat concerns

NEW DELHI (Reuters Life!) - The number of Indian tigers living in the wild rose to 1,706 at the latest count, giving a boost to conservation efforts for the endangered species in the country with the world's largest population of the big cats. Full story

Japan nuclear crisis gives Earth Hour added poignancy

Lights started going off around the world on Saturday in a show of support for renewable energy, given added poignancy by Japan's nuclear disaster, which raises doubts about nuclear power as a possible solution. Full story

Extremely rare rhinos captured on video

Javan rhinos — possibly the rarest mammal on the planet — have been spotted by a motion-activated video camera in Indonesia. Full story

Border battle in Russia Arctic over oil, nature

Russia's Natural Resources Ministry might be trying to set an Arctic nature reserve's borders in a way that environmentalists say will subvert boundaries to accommodate oil drilling plans. Full story

Oil platform plan threatens rare Pacific whale: WWF

TOKYO (Reuters Life!) - Plans for an oil platform off Sakhalin in Russia's Far East poses a major threat to an endangered whale population already on the brink of disappearing, a wildlife protection group said. Full story

Grim Tally: Rhino Poaching at All-Time High in S. Africa

In 2010, the illegal slaughter of rhinos in South Africa reached unprecedented heights, averaging almost one rhino killed every day, according to the WWF, an international conservation group. That's nearly triple the number killed in 2009. Full story

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