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Print, web aids help men decide on cancer screening

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Both print and online tools outlining the possible benefits and harms of prostate cancer screening can help men understand the disease and feel more confident in their screening-related decisions, a new study suggests. Full story

More evidence not all prostate cancers need treatment

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In a study of older men who had died from causes other than prostate cancer, almost half were found to have prostate tumors. Full story

Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients May Live Longer with New Drug

Men with advanced prostate cancer may live longer after receiving a new type of targeted radiation treatment, a new study suggests. Full story

Prostate cancer hormonal therapy tied to kidney risks

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Men who are treated for prostate cancer with hormone-targeted therapy have a higher risk of developing kidney problems, a new study suggests. Full story

July 11: Nightly News Thursday broadcast

   Jury may consider lesser charge for Zimmerman; Chilling 911 calls released from Asiana crash; DNA evidence links DeSalvo to Boston Strangler murders; Reid vs. McConnell: Senate leaders clash; Fish oil linked to prostate cancer; Chuck Foley, Twister inventor, dies at 82; Kremlin seeks typewriters for

Fish oil linked to prostate cancer

   Researchers who followed 35,000 men over age 50 and found men who started with the highest blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids, like the ones found in fatty fish oil and fish oil supplements, had a 71 percent increased risk of developing a deadly form of prostate cancer. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman re

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Soy doesn't prevent prostate cancer return: study

Rise in high-end treatment for low-risk prostate cancer

Vegetable fats tied to less prostate cancer spread

Prostate Cancer: Can New Tests Reduce Unnecessary Treatment?

C R Bard to pay $48 million to settle kickback allegations, DOJ says

Confronting cancer like a man

Readers share stories about prostate cancer

No routine PSA tests for men, panel rules

8 ways to help prevent prostate cancer

Study: PSA test doesn't cut death risk


  Fish Oil's Cancer Risk

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center released a study revealing men with concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids have an increased risk of prostate cancer. Co-author Alan Kristal shares more from their study on the best selling supplement.