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Suspect in Ark. police shooting resisted arrest

A man accused of fatally shooting a police officer during a traffic stop in northeast Arkansas was convicted of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after he allegedly punched another officer in the jaw more than seven years ago, court records show. Full story

%&*#! No more tickets for swearing in Pa.

Firing off a few curse words can't be charged as a crime anymore in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania — at least when state police are involved. Full story

The case of the disorderly order going to trial

One of four teens who were cited after rapping their order at a McDonald's in Utah says he will fight the disorderly conduct citation in court. Full story

McPrank: 4 teens cited for McDonald’s rap

A rap by four teenagers at a McDonald's has gotten them a bad rap in one Utah city. The teens were cited for disorderly conduct after they rapped an order at a McDonald's drive-through. Full story

Va. university charges student reporters

Two university students are facing trespassing and disorderly conduct charges after they entered a campus dormitory to interview students for a news article. Full story

Charges against Harvard scholar dropped

Prosecutors on Tuesday agreed to drop a disorderly conduct charge against Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. after the noted African-American scholar accused police of racism. Full story

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Sen. Craig loses bid to withdraw guilty plea


  Gary Coleman has his day in court

Dec. 3: The former "Different Strokes" star has now pleaded no-contest to a charge of disorderly conduct. Willie Geist has the story.

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